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I was afraid because I didn't read music, but Crowne Voice Studio met me where I was and guided me toward becoming a better singer and musician.

- Deborah 

-- Deborah

Adult Beginners

we meet you where you are

  • Enjoy a judgement free environment

  • Don't read music? That's fine! 

  • We will work with you on songs that you love

Smiling Woman

feel prepared and confident

  • Never feel lost or behind in your choir because your voice teacher will teach your part until it's perfect

  • Get rid of crippling stage fright by using proven methods to reduce anxiety

  • Join a community of other people who love singing as much as you


rediscover your voice

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by studying voice

  • Enjoy it more than you thought you ever would

  • Enjoy the surprising health benefits such as lung and spine health.


Learn interesting music

  • Learn your favorite songs or challenge yourself by trying a new genre like classical, music theater, or jazz.

  • Learn the basics of reading music and use it improve in choir or other groups

  • Have fun above all else

Image by Christiana Rivers
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