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"I've never felt so supported. This is the place for me."


- Clara, Opera Singer, Voice Teacher


"Really trauma informed and supportive. I can honestly say I'm singing my best and I don't see myself going anywhere else."

- Jennifer, Opera Singer


"I never really considered doing mindset coaching in combination with my music work. It's transformed the way I see my career and my life. I don't feel shame anymore for doing this in my own unique way."

- Nathan, entrepreneur and voice teacher


"Great opportunities to showcase my work in recitals and even full operas!"

- Heather, Opera Singer, Voice Teacher


"I didn't read music because I have a bit of dyslexia that makes it hard for me. I was afraid they would be impatient with me, since I sing challenging classical music and learn it all by ear. But they provided learning tapes for me, and I have had no problems. I'm not going anywhere

- Joan, recital singer


"They really helped my shy daughter come out of her shell."

- Laura, mom of 13 year old Melissa


"They are really sensitive to people with special needs. When my daughter came to the studio, it had been the third teacher we tried. My daughter has severe autism. Leah actually attended a class to learn how to work with people who have high spectrum autism, and my daughter can not wait until every lesson! We've been here a year and we aren't going anywhere."

-Gloria, mom of Natasha

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