Voice Lessons

I love my lessons because they are good for my body, my voice, and I feel like I'm being productive. I used to feel strain in my throat when I sang, but now it feels easier to sing along with my favorite songs. I look forward to it every week. This is extremely fulfilling!

-- Thomasine, Social Worker

Types of Lessons


Philadelphia, PA

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What is the process? 

  • Receive a link to our scheduling calendar, then choose a date and time that works

  • We will meet up in person in Gettysburg or York, or online using the Crowne Studio Zoom Room. 

  • You will warm up a bit and try some vocal exercises, and then work on a song if you bring one. 

  • At the end of the lesson we will set up a time and date for your regular lesson time, or set up a time for us to follow up with you!


York, PA

Gettysburg, PA

Take voice lessons anywhere in the world using our

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We have patient, committed voice teachers in our studio; people with experience who are now empowering their own students.


Our Clients

I was afraid I was going to be asked to leave because I didn't read music, but Crowne Voice Studio met me where I was and guided me toward becoming a better singer and musician. 

-- Deborah


Contact Us

Tel~ (717) 858 0036

Email~ crownevoicestudio@gmail.com