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"Leah is so kind and really knows her craft very well. I saw improvement in my voice even in the first 15 minutes of our first lesson!"

-Jaeydn (pop singer)

Music Theater and Pop

Build Confidence

  • Nail auditions and win the parts you really want

  • Stop having panic attacks before you perform, and project confidence at auditions and rehearsals

  • Improve your pitch so that you never sing flat

Opera Singer

make an impression

  • Learn your roles from start to finish 

  • Feel prepared, calm, and confident

  • Be remembered for your professionalism and preparedness

Actors Reading Script

expand your range

  • Learn to belt confidently with no strain 

  • Master the art of legit singing and head voice

  • Learn songs and audition cuts that highlight your specific strengths and make you stand out


build confidence

  • Beat stage fright and feel excited to perform

  • Learn to focus on the love of singing, rather than the fear of singing in public

  • Use proven techniques to diminish performance anxiety

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