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Why is adult music education important?

We indeed need more music education for kids. We all love to see children bloom in music. However, we often overlook adult education and enrichment. The world does rest on our shoulders, and isn't it essential to consider perspective? Artists spend their lives developing skills with different lenses to issues present perspectives. That is, after all, what the arts are all about.

Music takes tradition and culture and brings it together in a beautiful sound arrangement. We join choirs; we play in orchestras; we sit in concert halls and listen. We spend years perfecting our technique, musicianship, and performance. We donate our hard earn money; we buy tickets; we volunteer. It's work, and yet it brings so much joy.

Musicians may or may not earn money from their music, but our contribution is vital to society. We enrich ourselves, become better people, and contribute in powerful ways. Music-making helps us make better decisions because it takes discipline, perspective, strategy, and commitment.

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